Faculty Statement

El Dorado Christian School’s mission is to impact the world for God.  All faculty members are born-again Christians, dedicated to serving the Lord through the ministry of teaching young people.  All teachers at ECS are active members of a fundamental Bible-believing church. Each member has been selected and interviewed by the school. All teachers, both in elementary and high school are highly qualified.  They have shown superior abilities, and a number of them have received advanced degrees in their areas of specialization.


Board Members: Mr. Randy Bland, Chairman
Mr. Greg Castor
Dr. Cammie Housh
Mr. Randy Jones
Mr. Terry McKinney
Mr. Joe Trussell
Mr. Brandon Watkins
Principal: Mrs. Amy Castor
Administrative Assistant:
Office Manager:
Mrs. Michelle Steuck
Mrs. Natalie Baker
Preschool: Mrs. Julie Jones
Mrs. Staci Allison
Kindergarten: Mrs. Staci Allison
Mrs. Jan Bland
Mrs. Darla Daniel
Mrs. Janice Witt
First Grade: Mrs. Angie Batson
Second Grade:

Mrs. Becky LeeMasters

Third Grade: Mrs. Jill Ash
Fourth Grade: Mrs. Jill Ash
Fifth/Sixth Grade: Mrs. April Rosbrugh
Seventh/Eighth Grade: Mrs. Cheryl Eslinger

Mrs. Elle Biron


Mrs. Elle Biron

P.E.: Mrs. Elle Biron
High School:

Mr. Travis Bryson
Mrs. Kelly Bryson
Mrs. Patty King
Mrs. Janet Swank
Mrs. Dixie Christensen

Mrs. Nancy Dillon
Athletic Director:

Travis and Kelly Bryson

Cafeteria Manager:
Mr. Bob Carter
Mrs. Elaina Daniels

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